Case Western Reserve showcases their Innovation Incubator at #CES2018 #entrepreneurs @CWRUthinkbox @CWRULaunchNet

ces-arch2During my CES 2018 tour, Robert Sopko LaunchNet Director at Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) graciously invited me to talk with the collaborators that went with him to the show with the help from their innovation incubator efforts. He described to me how the infrastructure and services made available by their ThinkBox initiative helps both students and the community to validate and grow their initiatives into products. “We have children in the community developing ideas together with school teachers and theoretical physicists using 3D Printers“, he said. It was for me a pleasant introduction to the concept of incubators.

Below some of the exhibitions that were presented to me by their creators:

  • Student Quinten Hutchison and colleagues were showing 12 Lead Trainer, which is an Electrocardiography generator that among other things helps medical students practice with realistic charts that it creates.
  • Robert Steward from Enabled Robotics spoke about his novel biomedical joint based on servo-motors.
  • Matthew Campagna showed me Reflexion Edge, an interactive display that helps coaches and athletes to measure, record and compare neurological and motor response after incidents like sports injuries.
  • Xyla Foxlin spoke to me about Beauty and the Bolt, this initiative seeks to break the barriers that prevent young women to take up careers in engineering, when she tells us that “one can be a girl very feminine and at the same time work with things like Robotics“.

There were some great things at CES 2018, but watching these and other young entrepreneurs bring out their ideas in this busy marketplace was for me the best of the show.

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